moon's out, and so am i !!

papilio charontis; act I - about

hi there, im vinnie ! local samurai enjoyer and absolute buffoon, they / them pronouns please. willing to talk anytime, i dont bite!
im super fond of lupin iii, nintendo, jerma985 and genshin impact.

  • horror & oddities

  • puppetry

  • natural science

  • retro aesthetics

  • ferrets <3

i often use tone indicators, a big masterlist can be found here

i have gad + panic disorder, this does sometimes affect how i act towards people, i apologize.

papilio charontis; act II - cont.

for fun & comfort, doubles ok - arsène lupin iii (ID), todomatsu matsuno, rohan kishibe, mayuko nise, bruno bucciarati, princes -s peach, yoga cookie, hu tao, yanfei.
comfort characters
pickles the drummer, jigen daisuke, goemon ishikawa, fujiko mi-ne, kermit the frog, gonzo, mokey fraggle, valka haddock.

papilio charontis; act III - socials

discord tag: reno#0002 + ask for the invite to my server ♥
nintendo switch friend code: SW-0909-4413-9011
genshin impact: 611675951 // cookie run: RPMCD9331

papilio charontis; act IV - DNI

kindly dont talk to me if:

  • you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, or sexist.

  • you support pedophilia / maps or incest, proshippers count too.

  • you're a kpop or dream smp stan.

mentions of abusive relationships, even as a joke are a huge trigger for me, please dont talk about such around me.

i am in fact lutheran, but
im not a bigot. respect my personal beliefs and i will respect yours !!

papilio charontis; act V - lovelies!

luca , the loveliest person ive known since 2018 and as of recently, my boyfriend ! he's brought a lot of joy into my life and i dont know what id do without him, ily lulu !!

♡ 03.02.21 ♡

obi , hi bestie, tha jigen to my lupin :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:

we've also been talking since 2018, and i couldnt ask for a better person to share a single braincell with.
hmm what crimes will we commit....